Gumdrop Bin FAQs:

What are the dimensions of the Gumdrop?

The Gumdrop’s circumference is 48cm

How many pieces of chewing gum can a Gumdrop hold?

The Gumdrop can hold up to 500 pieces of chewing gum

How many pieces of chewing gum does it take to make a Gumdrop?

Roughly around 70 pieces of chewing gum go into making one Gumdrop as well as our magic ingredients to make it into Gum-tec

How many new bins can you make from one full bin?

One full Gumdrop can make three new Gumdrops

Can you recycle all types of chewing gum?

We can recycle all types of gum

How quickly will a Gumdrop fill up?

The Gumdrops fill up at different rates depending on the location of them and the amount of people that pass them. Anything from 5 days to 5 months

What other colours does the Gumdrop come in?

The Gumdrop only comes in Gumdrop pink, this is for two reasons. Firstly we want everyone to recognise the bins as a place to recycle chewing gum, keeping the bright pink continuity will help us to do this. Secondly if we were to make the bins in different colours we risk messing with the recycling process which could result in the process becoming hugely expensive and ultimately unviable.

Is it possible to put logos on the bins?

Yes the Gumdrops have a space on the side that can display logos or other sponsorship banners.

What happens if the Gumdrop is contaminated with other types of litter?

Unfortunately it is inevitable that the Gumdrops will be used for types of litter other than chewed gum, for example, cigarette butts, half eaten chocolate bars, tickets. In anticipation of this issue, it is possible to carry out a sorting process to separate the chewing gum from any stray litter before recycling.

Is the Gumdrop waterproof?

The Gumdrops are 100% waterproof

When it rains do the Gumdrops fill with water?

The Gumdrops generally don’t fill with water due to the position of the hole. There is also a drainage hole at the bottom in the event rain water or any liquid gets into the Gumdrop.

How is the Gumdrop secured and what type of surface can it be attached to?

Gumdrop can be secured to any flat or circular surface. A custom made bracket is used for wall mountings and a metal zip tie isused for posts.

How do you install/deinstall the bins?

The mechanism is very simple so that you can unclip them and then re-clip a new one up with ease

How many full bins do we need before you come and collect them?

We will come and collect the your full Gumdrops for free. However, you must have at least one lot of full Gumdrops for us to pick up. For instance if you have 5 locations you must have 5 full Gumdrops ready for collection. If you had 10 locations then you must have 10 full Gumdrops ready for collection.

How quickly can you supply us with bins?

Once you have ordered your Gumdrops we will deliver within 7-10 working days provided they are in stock.

Gumdrop On-the-go FAQs:

How many pieces of chewing gum does the Gumdrop On-the-go hold?

The Gumdrop On-the-go can hold up to 24 pieces of chewing gum

How can I recycle my Gumdrop On-the-go?

You can send your full Gumdrops On-the-go directly back to us at Latimer Stusios, Unit 11, 11 Latimer Road, London, W10 6RQ. Or you can use our freepost label to send them back to us for free. This is downloadable form


Can you change the side sticker on the Gumdrop On-the-go?

The stickers can be personalised

Gum-tec FAQs:

What do you make from Gum-tec?

Gum-tec can make a vast range of different products. Let you imagination run wild!

What processes can Gum-tec be used for?

Injection, blow moulding and extrusion. However we are always up for trying new things.

What colours can Gum-tec products come in?

Gum-tec products can come in any colour, however they cannot be transparent.

Is Gum-tec 100% recycled chewing gum?

Gum-tec is our brand name for our patented process and compounds made with recycled waste chewing gum. We will adjust our secret mix depending on what the application is.

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