Have you filled your Gumdrops on the go? If you have please send them back to us to recycle using our Free Post label. It’s simple. Please make sure you send back 3 full ones to receive your free Gumdrop and discount code.

  1. Download the Free Post label below and print it off
  2. Stick to the front of a small package/envelope
  3. Write your name, address and email address on a piece of paper and pop it in the envelope
  4. Pop your full Gumdrops in, seal it up and pop it in the post. Remember for every 3 full Gumdrops returned we will send you a free one to say thank you!

As a thank you for recycling your Gumdrops on the go we will give you a discount code to use on your next purchase of a Gumdrop on the go pack. We will also put you into our monthly prize draw to win one of our Gum-tec products. Don’t forget to include your name, address and email details in your package back to us, so that we can get in touch with your discount code. For every person who sends back 3 full Gumdrops, they will receive a complimentary Gumdrop on the go in the post.

Please note that if you have purchased the Gumdrops on the go from outside of the UK. The Freepost option may not work. Please still return your full Gumdrops back to us at the office address and we will send you out your free Gumdrop on the go in exchange for three full ones being sent back.

Thank you for giving gum a second life!

Download free post label

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