What will your gum become..?

At Gumdrop Ltd we recycle all types of chewing gum waste from chewed gum coming from the Gumdrop bins and the Gumdrops On-the-go, as well as working together with manufacturers to provide a zero waste to landfill alternative for gum manufacturers wishing to lower or eliminate their waste gum output.  This is then recycled and put through our new process in order to create a range of compounds for use in the plastics and rubber industry. Gum-tec® is a sustainable material with a message that will resonate with businesses and consumers globally working towards enhancing ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) goals. Everyday we strive to find innovative solutions that will bring change to help keep our planet clean. Our aim is to work together to eliminate the waste gum output and to deliver innovation on a global scale.

We are always looking for different manufacturers and companies to collaborate with in order to bring new products to market made with Gum-tec®. Gum-tec® can be incorporated into your current product range or into new products that fit your brand, whether it be additional products that compliment your range or point of sale goods to help promote your brand and company.  If you have an idea or think that it would be an interesting material to use, please get in contact at gumtec@gumdropltd.com.

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