Gumdrop On-the-go

Gumdrop On-the-go, the portable mini Gumdrop.

Bottles, cans, glass, paper, batteries and more are collected everyday so why isn’t chewing gum? Here at Gumdrop we want to change the way people think of chewing gum disposal, we want everyone to be able to collect their chewing gum in an effortless manner so that we can recycle it.
We have invented and developed the Gumdrop On-the-go. A mini Gumdrop that makes recycling your chewing gum even easier, the Gumdrop On-the-go can be carried around and used for your personal chewing gum disposal. We want everyone who chews gum to have one, making it easy for everyone to give gum a second life no matter where you are in the world.

How does it work?

Its a mini Gumdrop. It follows the same recycling process, works towards the same goals, it is simply smaller, for personal use and portable. The Gumdrop On-the-go works as both a great promotional product to accompany the Gumdrop Bins, and as a fantastic product on its own. The Gumdrop On-the-go comes with a key ring making it easily attachable to your daily essentials, and a side sticker which can be personalised. We then sell Gumdrop On-the-go Drop Boxes. These can be situated in the key areas that Gumdrop On-the-go users have access to, a place to drop off their full Gumdrops. Once you have a full Drop Box, it can be emptied into a return and recycle bag which we provide. For free collection of your full Gumdrops On-the-go please email us at

If you are wanting to return your Gumdrop on-the-go and do not have access to a Drop Box. Or have bought a Gumdrop on-the-go from our online shop shop. Don’t panic! We have set up a Free Post Service. You can download our freepost label hereFree Post Label and send your Gumdrop On-the-go back to us for FREE! As a thank you for recycling your Gumdrop on the go we will give you a discount code to use on your next purchase of a Gumdrop on the go. We will also put you into our monthly prize draw to win one of our Gum-tec products. Don’t forget to include your name, address and email details in your package back to us, so that we can get in touch with your discount code. For every person who sends back 3 full Gumdrops, they will receive a complimentary Gumdrop on the go in the post.

If you are interested in purchasing Gumdrops On-the-go, please e-mail us at with your enquiry.

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