Some of our Gum-tec® products are available to purchase through our online shop.

For larger orders you may wish to opt for having them branded with your chosen design, all will carry the trademark name Gum-tec®. For those larger orders, Gum-tec® products can come in a choice of colours. For more information or to get an instant quote, please contact us at

Over the past year we have been asking all our Gum Collectors our favourite question, ‘what would you like your gum to become?’ The answers we received have ranged from the weird to the wonderful, but most of all they have been a great aid and interest for us. Here at Gumdrop Ltd we were so inspired by some of the fantastic ideas that we decided to develop and produce our favourite suggestions. We hope that these products will help close the loop for those that recycle by giving them something back which they have helped to create.