Westfield Stratford City Shopping Centre

Site Type:
 Shopping Centre

Site Name:
 Westfield Stratford City Shopping Centre

Site Location:
 Stratford, London, UK

Reason for having Gumdrops:
 The shopping centre is a new development in Stratford London, that was opened in 2011. In the two years that it has been open the shopping centre have had problems with poorly disposed of chewing gum litter. To keep the shopping centre looking new and fresh they have installed the Gumdrop bins to tackle their gum litter problem head on.

Number of Gumdrops installed:

Location Types:
 Entrances, exits, walk ways, smoking areas

Average Gumdrop Turnover: 
Once a month

Money Saving:
 4 man hours a week

Launch Details:
The launch got off to a flying start with many happy Christmas shoppers answering questionnaires on their gum habits. Many shoppers showed a great deal of interest in the recycling process itself and some of the Gumdrop staff even ended up being interviewed themselves. The launch day appeared to have an effect on some habitual droppers, as one shopper commented ‘ I did not know that recycling chewing gum was possible before, but now that I know what a Gumdrop is I will definitely be looking out for them and using them instead of throwing my chewing gum on the floor.’
The Gumdrop Team got shoppers involved with the Gumdrop process by asking their favourite question, ‘what do you want your gum to become? ‘  And received a many enthusiastic responses, from the fashionistas thinking about shoes and bags, to the energy efficient workers who requested new mobile phone covers.

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