The University of Leeds have a fantastic reputation for tackling campus problems using sustainable solutions. Chewing gum litter their latest problem that they want to try and tackle through recycling. The University of leeds launched their ten Gumdrop Bin sites around campus at the beginning of the university year. To promote the Gumdrop Bins on campus we worked together to design and manufacture Gum-tec Bicycle Spokeys and Gum-tec rulers to help inspire students on campus to start recycling their chewing gum using the Gumdrop bins. We also handed out Gumdrops on-the-go a Small hand held key ring for the personal disposal of chewing gum, which is also made with recycled chewing gum!

During the launch day we spoke to over two hundred students about their current chewing gum disposal techniques to educate and inspire students to start recycling their gum. We had such a fantastic response with a lot of students chipping in and giving us their great ideas for new Gum-tec products. The most in demand product voiced were a pair of sunglasses made with Gum-tec. We’re working on it!

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