'Nice to see Tesco giving back to the community by caring about the environment we shop in, as well as our town.' Hatfield Tesco Shopper

Site Type:
Site Name:
Site Location:
Hatfield and Hertford supermarkets, UK
Hatfield: 46,500 (PW) Hertford: 37,500 (PW)
Reason for having Gumdrops:
There is not only an issue with gum on the floor, it is very time consuming and expensive to remove but instead of throwing away gum in bins it can be collected and recycled into other products.
Number of Gumdrops Installed:
8 at each site
Location Types:
Supermarket entrance and exit, walkways, car park walkways
Average Gumdrop Turnover:
5 days to 2 weeks
Decrease in Chewing Gum Litter:
89% decrease in gum litter over the two sites

Launch Details:
The Gumdrop Team held a launch day at both the Hatfield and Hertford stores. Gumdrop leaflets were handed out to Tesco shoppers along with badges. The Gumdrop Team surveyed the shoppers to find out what they thought of the Gumdrops and to find out if they thought that they had been placed in the right locations, as well as asking them what they would want their gum to be recycled into.

-One of the shoppers suggested trolley wheels and bags for life. Brilliant idea! What do you say Tesco?


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