We have seen a definite improvement on the station and spent a lot less time and money on removing gum. Other stations have followed us in getting Gumdrops. The team have been incredibly supportive and passionate which has been inspiring and I would fully recommend GUMDROP to anyone. Fiona Main, Retail Team Leader

Site Type:
Train Station
Site Name:
Stafford Train Station
Site Location:
Stafford, UK
Reason for having Gumdrops:
Stafford recently had the train station re-vamped, in keeping with this they would like to try and maintain it’s cleanliness and deter gum litter being thrown on their new floor surfaces.
Number of Gumdrops installed:
Location Types:
Entrances / exits, car parks, toilet entrances, ticket offices, platforms, waiting rooms
Average Gumdrop Turnover:
14 days – 8 weeks
Decrease in Chewing Gum Litter:

Launch Details:
At Virgin trains & Stafford train station, we launched the Gumdrops through poster ads at the same time the V Festival was on. This helped capture festival goers attention and encouraged them to drop their chewing gum (that was probably a lot of festivalees alternative to a toothbrush for the weekend) in a Gumdrop before they became further stuck in their muddy wellies by stepping in poorly disposed of gum.

The project got off to a fantastic start with A1 posters being printed and put up inside and outside the station, getting the recycling message across to the large number of passengers passing in and out of the station.

Things that worked really well:
Having the Gumdrops located along the train platforms really helped as they were so accessible for train users.

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