Neat Streets Campaign

It’s such a good idea to bring this issue to our attention as it clearly is a big one as I can see from the highlighted gum splodges. The Gumdrops on the go are a fantastic concept because they prevent people from dropping their gum everywhere when they’re out and about and cannot see a bin close by. Bypasser of Villiers Street.

Hubbub teamed up with Gumdrop Ltd, Veolia, Westminster City Council and Incpen to launch a new campaign, Neat Steets. During this campaign Hubbub aimed to trial several new approaches to tackle litter on Villiers Street, Westminster, using the latest thinking on behaviour change and awareness raising from around the world. Read about more activities taking place soon: Hubbub Neatstreets.

Nine events took place for this campaign, on Villiers Street.

During the events we handed out free Gumdrops on the go which are bright pink and designed specifically for the disposal of your waste chewing gum. Once the Gumdrops were filled up, they were dropped off in one of the two local collection recycling points on Villiers Street. Those who took part wrote their name and number in the space on the side sticker which enabled them to be entered into a prize draw. The winners were picked at random and contacted via the contact details given on the Gumdrop on the go side sticker to claim their prize.

The grand-prize winner received a nights stay in a hotel on the Strand. Other lucky winners also received lots of amazing Gum-tec® products, including a pair of brogue Gum-tec® shoes with chewing gum soles! Well done to those who won! We hope you enjoyed your prizes and a big thanks to everyone who took part.

We received great feedback from bypassers of Villiers street. Many were shocked at just how much gum was littered on the ground which we highlighted by putting a circle, using chalk, around the white splodges.

With the full Gumdrops that we received back, we recycled them into many more Gumdrops on the go and other Gum-tec® products.

Head over to Storify which Hubbub have created so that you can follow all the news from the campaign.

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