‘The GUMDROP is extremely clever in that it is made of the very product it has been designed to capture. We hope this highly visible creation will remind people to act reasonably quickly and help the environment at the same time.’ Paul Tilbury, Operations Manager

Site Type:
Shopping centre
Site Name:
Midsummer Place Shopping Centre
Site Location:
Milton Keynes, UK
Reason for having Gumdrops:
The Midsummer Place Shopping Centre staff  were having to spend too much time cleaning up chewing gum litter which was taking cleaning and maintenance staff away from more pressing jobs.
Number of Gumdrops installed:
Location Types:
Entrance and exits, toilet & car parks.
Average Gumdrop Turnover:
5 days and 8 weeks
Money Saving:
£2028.00 per annum
Time Saving:
3.5hours per week

Launch Details:
The Gumdrops were launched during the Midsummer Shopping Centre Eco week. The shopping centre spent the week promoting the sustainable efforts and achievements made by Midsummer Shopping Centre. The Gumdrop team got involved by handing out badges and gum to shoppers and then encouraging them to dispose of their gum in a Gumdrop. Gumdrop also encouraged customers of the shopping centre to get involved in the set-up of the Gumdrops by getting feedback on where shoppers would like to see the Gumdrops being placed. The launch got off to a great start and attracted a lot of attention from local press who wrote articles which aid in encouraging future shoppers to use the bins on their next visit.
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