It's great having this product within our resort, to educate our young guests on the importance of recycling and how we should all be looking after our enviroment for the future.

Site Type:
Theme Park
Site Name:
Site Location:
Windsor, UK
11,000 visitors a day
Reason for having Gumdrops:
To reduce gum litter in the park as well as go towards CSR goals.
Number of Gumdrops installed:
Location Types:
Ride entrances, near restaurants, food break outs and walkways
Average Gumdrop Turnover:
5 days to 2 months
Decrease in Gum Litter:
56% decrease in gum litter / It frees up at least 4 man hours a week

Launch Details:
The Gumdrop Team did a three day launch to help get people using the Gumdrops at Legoland. The team dressed in Gumdrop outfits and took to the park to educate and inspire ride goers to recycle their chewing gum. It was a great opportunity for the Gumdrop team to get feedback from the cross section of visitors at Legoland on gum disposal habits, and to hear about what visitors thought of the whole Gumdrop concept. Legoland also hired a photographer for one of the days to get some great snaps for the local press. They also published the news over their social media sites to reach out to their Facebook and Twitter followers and encourage them to use the bins on their next visits.

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