Festival Place Shopping Centre

'The GUMDROP Bins are being used with little contamination which is good news.' - Gary Cooper, Site Manager

Site Type:
Shopping Centre
Site Name:
Festival Place
Site Location:
Basingstoke, UK
Reason for having Gumdrop:
The shopping centre wanted the bins for a two month period in order to aid them in their attempt to hit CSR goals and gain publicity.
Number of Gumdrops installed:
Location Types:
Entrances and exits
Average Gumdrop Turnover:
8 weeks

Launch Details:
The Gumdrop launch got off to a fantastic start with A1 posters being installed to the front of existing litter bins throughout the shopping centre. This was a great way to raise awareness before, during and after the launch, and encourage the public to not simply put their chewing gum in a bin but into a Gumdrop.
We had two representatives at the launch getting customers involved by giving out chewing gum and explaining the concept to shoppers.
Festival place also used their social media pages asking shoppers to look out for the new chewing gum recycling initiative, this was a huge help as 8% of shoppers already new what a Gumdrop was.

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