Site Type:
Site Name:
Fashion Retail Academy (FRA)
Site Location:
London, UK
Reason for having Gumdrops:
The Fashion Retail Academy has recently been renovated. Before the renovation however they had huge problems with chewing gum litter. In keeping with their new look and in an attempt to maintain the standards of the renovations FRA decided to start using the Gumdrop bins and try and put a stop to chewing gum litter problems.
Number of Gumdrops installed:
Location Types:
Entrances and exits, canteen areas, corridors, staff areas

Launch Details:
FRA launched their Gumdrops with a group effort and help from staff, students and the cleaning and maintenance team. In keeping with the highly fashionable students we had some bright pink Gumdrop t-shirts made up for the launch team to wear and attract attention.
We got students involved by handing out flyers and talking to them about the Gumdrops in order to engage the students in the initiative.
FRA also posted an article up on their website to inform online users about the new bins.

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