Site Type: City Centre

Site Name: Bangor City Centre

Site Location: Bangor, Wales

Reason for having Gumdrops: Gwynedd Council, Bangor City Council, The Wrigley Company Limited and Keep Wales Tidy worked together with Gumdrop Limited to launch the Gumdrops On-the-go across the town centre with the aim to inspire and educate the public about the possibilities of recycling chewing gum, whilst cleaning up Bangor’s streets.

Number of Gumdrops On-the-go given away: 5,000

Number of Drop-Boxes: 12 Drop-Boxes were situated in participating retailers along Bangor High Street.

Location Types: High Streets

Decrease in Chewing Gum Litter: Overall, the trial observed a 56.6% reduction in the level of gum straining following the implementation of the campaign. Data collected by Keep Wales Tidy.

Launch Details:
To mark the start of the Gumdrop On-the-go campaign in Bangor, Wales there were two give away days. During the launch days representatives from Keep Wales Tidy and Gumdrop Limited lined the streets of Bangor to give away Gumdrops On-the-go, and completed questionnaires with local residents, shoppers, and students within the city. Both give away days saw fantastic results with lots of positive comments from local residents about the new Gumdrop scheme and lots of mini pink Gumdrops given away. During the campaign there were 12 Drop-Boxes situated in participating retailers along Bangor High Street, which Gumdrop users could easily access to drop off their full Gumdrop’s On-the-go and pick up a free new one.

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