Oh my god, this is just what I need, I normally have to put my chewing gum on the bed head whilst I sleep then re-use it in the morning.’ -Student talking about the Gumdrop On-the-go.
- Well that’s one way of recycling chewing gum we guess.

Site Type:
Site Name:
Anglia Ruskin University
Site Location:
Cambridge, Chelmsford and Peterborough campuses, UK
Reason for having Gumdrops:
To reduce and save money on cleaning up  chewing gum litter in and around the university campuses. To inspire students into recycling.
Number of Gumdrops installed:
100 Gumdrop pods & 10,000 Gumdrops On-the-go
Location Types:
Canteens, eating courts, breakout areas, smoking areas, entrances and exits, toilets
Average Gumdrop Turnover:
Every 8 weeks
Decrease in Chewing Gum Litter:
Being calculated, over £25,000 a year

Launch Details:
At Anglia Ruskin University they launched their 100 new Gumdrops using the Gumdrop On-the-go. During freshers week the environmental team along with representatives from NMPA gave out free Gumdrops On-the-go to new students to help promote the Gumdrop bins that have been recently put up around the University
At freshers fairs representatives made it easy for students to get on board with chewing gum recycling by encouraging them to use their hugely accessible Gumdrop On-the-go to dispose of their chewing gum. The sleepy students now have no excuse not to dispose of their chewing gum responsibly as they don’t even need to get out of bed to do so.  Anglia Ruskin then have their own Drop Off Box where students can go to drop their Gumdrops On-the-go and collect a new one, the process works in exactly the same way as the Gumdrop Bins.

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