Ashfield Girls’ High School

The introduction of "Gumdrops" into Ashfield Girls' High school created an awareness of social responsibility amongst pupils and visitors; provided a creative solution to the ongoing and difficult problem of discarded chewing gum and resulted in a cleaner environment which was welcomed by pupils and all staff, especially cleaning staff, throughout the school” FM Manager

Site Type:
Site Name:
Ashfield Girls’ High School
Site Location:
Belfast, Ireland
No. of students:
Reason for having Gumdrops:
To reduce chewing gum litter around and on the school premises and to educate and promote recycling within the school.
Number of Gumdrops installed:
Location Types:
Indoors-corridors, circulation areas. Outdoors- pedestrian entrance path, perimeters of games pitches, car park, community entrance into school.
Average Gumdrop Turnover:
Every 5 months
Decrease in Chewing Gum Litter:
The FM Manager and Cleaning Supervisor have reported the following: ‘It is clear that very little chewing gum is now found on paths or other surfaces; Cleaners and Cleaning Supervisors have suggested that only about a third of what had been the normal amount of gum is found under desk/table tops compared to before.  Almost none is found along corridors or on classroom carpets/lino./wooden floors.  All in all those maintaining the building and grounds see the Gumdrops as a success story.’

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