Gum-tec® Rulers

Gum-tec®  Rulers

Measure your recycling efforts. Includes postage to any address in the UK


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Measure the effects of chewing gum recycling with these brilliant Gum-tec®  rulers. A fantastic display of one of the many useful things that can be created from chewing gum waste. These rulers have previously been a great success and aid in schools when trying to encourage students to recycle chewing gum, as students are given back a product that they have helped create.  A great addition to any student stationery shop, school or workplace.

All Gum-tec® products are now available to purchase, the minimum order for each product is 100 units. All products can be branded with your chosen design and will carry the trademark name Gum-tec®. Gum-tec® products can come in any chosen colour apart from transparent. For more information or to get an instant quote, please contact us at

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