Gumdrop on the go *SELECT IF OUTSIDE UK*

A pack of three Gumdrops on the go. Please select if sending outside the UK. This includes costs for international postage.

Gum-tec Americano Mug *SELECT IF OUTSTIDE UK*

Gum-tec Americano Mug for those wanting to order outside of the UK. Includes Postage

NEW Gum-tec® Americano Mug

Includes postage and VAT. Sip away to a greener future.

Educational Box

A box of goodies for educational purposes only

Gumdrop Membership Delivery/Collection

1 delivery/collection for existing Members only to 1 UK address.

Gum-tec Pencils

Pack of 10 assorted pink and plain Gum-tec Pencils and Gum-tec Ruler, made with recycled chewing gum. Includes Postage to any address in the UK.

Gum-tec® Guitar Pick

A pack of 3. Strum away to cleaner streets. Includes Postage

Gum-tec® Bicycle Spoke

Cycle your way into the recycling future

Gum-tec® Rulers

Measure your recycling efforts. Includes postage to any address in the UK

Gum-tec® Sports Cones

Get active

Gum-tec® Frisbee & Boomerang

Closed loop in action

Gum-tec® Door Stop

Put a STOP to chewing gum littering.

Gum-tec® Meal Mate

Get STUCK in to lunch.

Gum-tec® Lunch-Boxes

Keep fresh with the Gum-tec® Lunch-Box.

Gum-tec® Comb

Get gum free hair with the Gum-tec® Comb

Over the past year we have been asking all our Gum Collectors our favourite question, ‘what would you like your gum to become?’ The answers we received have ranged from the weird to the wonderful, but most of all they have been a great aid and interest for us. Here at Gumdrop Ltd we were so inspired by some of the fantastic ideas that we decided to develop and produce our favourite suggestions. We hope that these products will help close the loop for those that recycle by giving them something back which they have helped to create.

All Gum-tec® products are now available to purchase, the minimum order for each product is 100 units. All products can be branded with your chosen design and will carry the trademark name Gum-tec®. Gum-tec® products can come in any chosen colour apart from transparent. For more information or to get an instant quote, please contact us at

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